CONSUMER PRICE INDEX NUMBERS (For Industrial Workers) 1982=100 



    The Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers being compiled by the Bureau are one of the important economic indicators measuring inflationary trend in the country. These index numbers, apart from being of great value to the researchers and policy makers, are of practical relevance to the employers/employees as the same are utilized for revision of wage and determination of variably Dearness Allowance.

 These index numbers are compiled by the Bureau since 1946 on month to month basis and are disseminated through Press Release, Monthly Index Letters, Indian Labour Journal and Web Site (http/ However, in view of growing demand from the users, for the first time in 1995 the Labour Bureau published the Annual Report on Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers containing a serial data on Consumer Price Index Numbers at one place, which was well appreciated by the users. So far it has published 8 reports on this subject.

 The present report, 9th in the series, is an out come of the efforts made by a team of officers/officials of the CPI Division (Annexure) which deserves my appreciation for their commendable efforts.


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Dated : 19.07.2004