Labour Bureau
Government of India

Main Functions of the Bureau

Labour Bureau is responsible for the collation, collection and publication of statistics and related information on wages, earnings, productivity, absenteeism, labour turn-over, industrial relations, working and living conditions and evaluation of working of various labour enactments etc. It is a storehouse of important economic indicators like Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial, Agricultural and Rural Labourers; wage rate indices and data on industrial relations, socio-economic conditions in the organised and unorganised sector of industry etc. The functions/activities of Labour Bureau can be classified under three major heads:
1. Labour Intelligence 
2. Labour Research
3. Monitoring and evaluation studies under the Minimum Wages Act 1948.

 1. Labour Intelligence: 

(1) Construction and maintenance of various series of index numbers:

(a) Consumer Price Index Numbers (CPI) for (i) Industrial Workers (ii) Rural Labourers and (iii) Agricultural Labourers.
(b) Wage Rate Indices in respect of industries covered under the Occupational Wage Surveys.
(c) Index Numbers of (i) Money Earnings and (ii) Real Earnings
(d) Retail Price Indices for 31 Essential Commodities in Urban Areas.

(2) Providing serial statistics on Absenteeism, Labour Turnover, Labour Cost, Employment,  contract workers Earnings and industrial disputes. 

2.  Labour Research: Conducting research studies/ surveys and bringing out publications on labour related matters in organized and unorganized sector. These include:
(1) Unorganised sector, SC/ST Labour both in Urban and Rural Areas, Women Workers ; 
(2) Occupational Wage Survey in the organized sector
(3) Family Budget Enquiries.
(4) Rural Labour Enquiry.
(5) Survey of Labour conditions
(6) Contract Labour Surveys
(7) Annual Survey of Industries.
(8) Digest of Indian Labour Research.
(9) Statistical Profile on women Labour

3. Monitoring and Evaluation: Collects, Compiles and disseminates statistical information on various aspects of labour based on statutory and voluntary returns under different Labour Acts and surveys conducted. Details of information collected under the Acts are given  on web page- Statutory / Voluntary Returns)
4.  Publication of Indian Labour Journal (Monthly), Indian Labour Statistics (Annual), Pocket Book of Labour Statistics (Annual) and Indian Labour Year Book (Annual) giving authoritative and up-to-date statistics on various facets of Labour and on  current Labour scene in the country. ( List given on separate web-page).


Name of the Scheme
1. Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - 2001 = 100
2. Rural Labour Enquiry
3. Socio Economic Survey of Different Segments of Labour
4. Occupational Wage Survey
5. Modenisation of Machine Tabulation Unit (Computer Division)
6. Collection of Labour Statistics under the Annual Survey of Industries 
(Sample Sector)

S.No. Name of the Scheme
1. Collection of Labour Statistics Under the Annual Survey of Industries (Census Sector)
2. Wage Rate Index
3. Improvement of Labour Statistics
4. Labour Statistics
5. Contract Labour Survey
6. Research